Thursday, 25 August 2016

Stay Quirky August Edition French Manicure Nail Polish : Review, Price & Swatches

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Hope you all are doing well! Today I'm going to talk about Stay Quirky nail polish August edition french manicure kit review! I subscribed to this on Instagram few days back. What intrigued me to subscribe this box is the launch of 3 exclusive manicure tip nail paints, base coat, gel finish top coat, free goodie ( stay quirky nail polish remover ) and the most importantly personalisation on the bottles caps with your name etched on it, isn't it sounds interesting. Read on to find out nitty gritty of the box:

Price : Rs 500/-

Quantity : 6 ml

Subscription box includes : 3 exclusive manicure tip nail polish, Base coat, Gel finish top coat & free goodie -Stay quirky nail polish remover.

My take on the product :

I came to know about this brand last year through Instagram, very glad to try out there huge variety of nail paints. Coming to this box, I'm super impressed with these. When I came to know about august subscription box without any second thought I placed my order. I'm pleased with it!

Three of the tip manicure nail polish have been etched with my blog name - GlamChica, the gel finish top coat & base coat have been etched with my name- Aashima. I found this process is so cute & elegant!

Talking about the staying power, they stays fairly long more than a week without any chirping ( saying this based on my past experience with other shades of this brand ), will update you if any chirpiness I found in between.

 Now let me show you all the 3 exclusive tip shade- french manicure nail art :

Shade #1 - Yellow :
This is the shade I've tried for the first time & I love this so much, opaque in a single coat but my preference is to apply double coat to get that finish. Enjoy the pics below:

Shade #2 - White : This is the typical white french manicure nails, my all time favourite!

Shade #3 - Baby Pink : This is the another new shade I've tried, Pink :). It is slightly sheer in consistency but two coats gives you opaque finish. See the pics below:

The Stay Quirky nail polish base coat & gel top coat has equally impressed me. You could see very less difference between white & baby pink in the pictures but in person it is easily noticeable.

Final Verdict : I would definitely recommend you to try out Stay Quirky exclusively launched french manicure kit. They are outstandingly admirable nail polish, budgeted & have matchless variety of other shades, exclusively available on . Thrilled by there performance, highly recommend to all the nail lovers.  Go grab your shades soon before they get out of stock!

GC Rating : 5/5

P.s : I quite liked there nail remover too, hasn't arid my cuticles, contains vitamin E. 

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