Thursday, 8 September 2016

Budget Thursday : Za True White Exfoliating Clay Review, Price & Swatch

Hi girls,

I'm again back with another budget Thursday post. In this post I'm going to share with you pocket friendly yet so effective exfoliating clay. I'm talking about brand Za, thoroughly enjoyed using this mask, read on to find out why I love this so much!

Price : Rs. 399/-

Quantity : 100g

Packaging : Za True White Exfoliating Clay comes in opaque tube packaging which is white in color and details are imprint with fushia color. It comes with a flip top packaging. It's quite sturdy & travel friendly as well!

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My take on the product:

I'm really impressed with this white mineral clay mask which is made in Vietnam, actually clay mask are really good for oily & acne prone skin. This Za True White Exfoliating Clay one is really a winner in budget option. It has tiny granules which helps in scrubbing off the dead skin surface & instantly make any dull skin look radiant, that's why I love it so much. It doesn't strip off the skin, just remove the dirt & impurities from deep within the pores. It is white thick creamy in texture which spreads easily, I just keep it for about 5-8 mins till it half dry & then take off with light scrubbing motion. Results are fabulous! See swatches below:

At this price this is really awesome, very less amount is needed to cover entire face & will last you more than 4-5 months if used twice or thrice a week. Have been using this for so long & you can see I'm half way through it!

Final Verdict : Za True White Exfoliating Clay is the best clay mask option to get radiant skin within minutes that too pocket friendly. It makes your skin squeaky clean & refresh. Highly Recommended!

GC Rating : 5/5

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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

How to Get Glowing and Clear Skin Using Home Remedies

Hey girls,

Hope you all are doing well. In this post I'm going to talk about how to have the luminous glowing skin from within! Yes, you read it right, I'm going to share my personal preferences on how to get that radiant skin from deep inside. It is really interesting post, if you follow these you can definitely see visible results within 2 months. So read on to find out what I've for you:

Lemon and Honey   

When you wake up in the morning, first & the foremost thing is to have lemon & honey with warm water. This drink not only aid to weight loss & reduce tummy fat but also add glow to your skin. It is the best detoxification drink I've ever tried. I swear by this drink from last 4-5 years. On another note it completely helps in clearing my pores from within. I definitely suggest you to start your day with this.

Amla and Aloe Vera Juice  

Another magical drink which adds glow to your skin from within is amla & aloe vera juice. I prefer Baba Ramdev drink. All you need to do is after having your lemon honey drink take a break of 15 mins & then add 5 ml of each amla & aloe vera juice to half glass of lukewarm water, drink this whether together or separately  as per your taste, I prefer drinking it separately!

Curry Leaves

If you want shiny & lustrous hair then start having 8-10 curry leaves on empty stomach the very first thing in the morning. I guarantee if you have this for continuous 6 month, can see a visible difference in the texture  & shininess of your hair. Saying from my Personal Experience! It hardly takes you a minute to have this sweet neem.

Banana & Apple

Every one says fruits are the best for skin but my top picks are banana & apple. Bananas are rich in antioxidants & helps to maintain the collagen of your skin. I swear by this fruit, everyone says it makes you fat but I think it really helps in improving the texture of your skin, making it glowing & radiant. Start having banana in the morning & your skin will thank you for sure!

Apples are the excellent fruit to clear you bowel which in result helps in reducing acne & pimples, gives you acne free shiny skin. Start having this in the morning to see visible result especially banana.

Milk & Oats

Time to have some fiber & calcium. Mixture of these two not only makes you full but also helps in reducing unnecessary carving. Both of these add awesome glow on your face. Have this in the breakfast to keep yourself active & lively. You can add your favorite fruits or even dry fruits to make it taste more yummy.

Dry Fruits 

Dry fruits are so good to maintain your skin elasticity. Almonds & walnuts are rich in essential oils which give your skin nourishment from within. Have this in the morning whether alone or mix it with your milk oats recipe. These two help in reducing hair fall also.

ABC Juice

You might be wondering what is this ABC juice, let me tell you it is the mix of apple + beetroot + carrot. This is the miracle drink. I had this for two month before my wedding & it seriously helps in making my skin resplendent. Best time to be taken is in the morning. The most delicious detox drink to purify your skin from within & gives you ultimate pinkish glow. Tried & Tested.


This doesn't need any description, maximum intake of water not only makes your skin hydrated but also helps in clearing acne & pimples. Drink, drink & drink!

Green Tea

The drink with helps to reduce belly fat are so rich in antioxidants, which clear your skin from deep inside in result making your skin glowing. Have 2-3 cups of these daily to see what miracle this can do with your skin.

Badam Rogan

I promise you this is the last tip to get glowing skin. Try to have one teaspoon of this oil daily with lukewarm milk at night to see how your skin lustrous within few weeks. I have been having this for last 6 years and I love this to the core!

Hope you found this article useful, everything I've in my routine to get that sparkling glow on the face!
Do share your comments below if have tried any of these!

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Budget Thursday : Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil Black Brown Review, Price & Swatches

Hi angels,

I'm back again with a new budgeted product on my Thursday budget series. In this post I'm going to talk about Rimmel Eyebrow pencil because it is the most important part of makeup routine, one needs to have good pigmented eye brow pencil or powder. So read on to find out what is my pick for you:

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Price : Rs. 225/-

Quantity : 1.4 gm

Shades : Dark Brown, Hazel, Black Brown

Available : Nykaa

Packaging : Rimmel London Eye Brow comes in a wooden pencil form which has to sharpen. It comes with a cap that has brush applicator to comb or groom your eyebrows. This is very travel friendly packaging and if you're in hurry this is the best option to shape your eyebrow. Have a look on the applicator brush below!

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My Thoughts

I picked up this pencil a few months back, actually I was eyeing this one for quite long but out of stock every time. So recently I was lucky to grab my hand on this. To be honest I'm really a big fan of this pencil, love it ! It perfectly shape my brows without getting overboard. I chose the shade black brown which I thing will suit many Indian complexions. I wore this for maximum 7-8 hrs and it hasn't fade off, depends upon what type of climate you're in! I'm really impressed with the staying power, the cap brush is spectacular in combing the brows nice & precisely. Perfect for the girls who are in hurry & couldn't have much time for doing makeup in the morning. See swatch below:

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Final Verdict : Rimmel Eyebrow pencil is super affordable. I think it has to be in every girl vanity box. It comes with a small brush over the cap which is the best part to groom your brow anywhere anytime. At this price tag & quantity it will last you very long, so Highly Recommended!

GC Rating : 5/5

Hope you found this article useful!
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