Monday, 19 October 2015

Beauty Tips: 6 Eyebrow Mistakes You Should Avoid

Hey everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend with full of zeal and ardour. If you follow me, you know I'm an amateur in blogging and makeup field but crazy zealot at the same time. So while learning and executing the makeup tips I learned that the most part is your Eyebrows. They should be given proper timing to groom just like you prep your lips or eyes. Simultaneously there are many mistakes we should avoid or stop doing right away to keep off mortifying situation. So today I'm going to share with you 6 Eyebrow Mistakes should need to stop immediately.

Mistake #1 - Not Shaping Your Eyebrows Correctly With Shaping Rules.

The first and foremost mistake we often do is over-widening your eyebrow gap and taming dishevelled ends. Stop doing this and start following the shaping rules, 3 steps to follow as below. There should be perfectly arched in between, that doesn't mean 45 degree accurately or zero size arch but yes there should be some sort of eyebrow arch like instructed in image.

Mistake #2 - Moisturizing Your Eyebrows

By above I mean to say that you shouldn't treat your brows like skin and apply creams/moisturizer over them, they are hair follicles just like hair on scalp. When you don't apply any kind of creams on head then eyebrow should be treated the same way. Application of cream/serum can cause hair to fall and prevents growth. This is the most important tip I learned!

Mistake #3 -  Waxing/Threading Your Brows

This is an ultimate learning, threading the delicate area can lead to sagging of skin and unsolicited ingrown which looks weird in future, instead start using tweezer, which helps in plucking a single hair at a time and precise plucking helps to maintain the natural arch and prevents the risk of over-plucking!

Mistake #4 - Going Overboard

As we all know market is full of eye brow pencils and kits. Every girl dreams to have perfectly arched shaped brow. That mean they're not intended to be loaded with tons of product, use a shade like brown or gray, black is a big no no! Rather go for black-brown. Go bold but not too bold. Hold your angled brush/brow pencil like a feather weight and just do light strokes to cover the gaps, maintain the naturalness despite looking artificial tattoo. See image below to understand what I mean!

Mistake #5 - Over Tweezing

Over tweezing is the commom mistake we do and have to regret later, using a magnifying mirror and too much lighting can lead you to over-plucking of hair which result you lose the arch of your brow. Second thing, do not tweeze the top edge of your brows instead go for threading or stick to pluck the underneath.

Mistake #6 - Plucking Before a Shower/Bath

If you're ready for shower or hot bubble bath, avoid plucking your brows beforehand. Being entice to pluck can cause your delicate skin to stretch, alternatively do it later because added heat and moisture onto your skin makes it real easy to take out pesky hair gently and nicely.

Remember, "Your brows should be sister, not twins", this is the beauty mantra that shouldn't be ignore. Very few have symmetrical faces including eyebrows, so don't worry just follow the correct procedure to get that arch and precise shape.
These were the effective tips I learned lately and thought to share it with you people who are beginners or teen, college going girls.

Hope this helps you a bit!
If you have any of your tips for brows, do share with me in comments below! I would love to read :)

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  1. perfect tips :) I will make it a point not to use creams over eyebrows :)