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Easy Home Remedies for Oily Skin Using Lemon

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Another weekend has come and you all might have different plans for it! I'm just planning to go for movie and shopping obviously because we girls need to shop every now and then!

So guys today I'm going to share my reviews on how to deal with oily/acne prone skin using Lemon!

My Story:

Every girl dream is to have clear, glowing, flawless skin free from all kind of blemishes and acne. My teenage life was not easy in terms of oily/acne prone skin, hormonal and stress(related to studies :P) breakouts were making me so impulse that I couldn't understand what to do, how to deal with my acne scars, shine and redness throughout the day.

Literally, I felt disgusted and insecure when people say me - tere itne daane kyu ho rahe hai, kuch kar inka! I use to hide myself or say avoid going to functions just because people will again comment on my acne. I was really lacking confidence and this has made me  introvert in nature.

Oily skin tends to break out very easily. Acne are probably the most stubborn and panic situation for oily skinned beauties. The oil glands of oily skin are extra active and secrete excess sebum which leads to clogged pores resulting in pimples, blackheads and whitehead which should be diligently taken care off. Such people often ignore the CETMS routine because they believe such regime is not necessary for them but the truth is they equally need to follow CETMS to keep sebum oil in check which reduces the risk of multi-fold pimples, blackhead, whitehead and so on.

Honestly, I understand pesky pimple pain situation we all oily/acne prone beauties had gone through and there leftover black/brown spots. Then Lemon came to my rescue. Thank God I gave it a try to cure my acne at home. Trust me you shouldn't panic because everything is curable these days.

Now coming to the point about lemon, this yellow vegetable has innumerable properties which deals with acne and weight loss. It is one of the most used natural skincare product. It is used in a cream and lotion to clear out congested skin. The astringent properties are great for acne/oily skin. It causes photo sensitivity so direct sunlight should be avoided for few hours, best time to use this is evening/night.

Here I share my 3 most easy DIYs with you guys:

1. Raw milk + Lemon

Take 1-2 tbsp of raw milk and few drops of fresh lemon juice.
Mix these two and you will milk starts to separates. Apply this mixture onto your face using cotton ball. Keep this for 10-15 mins. Then wash off with lukewarm water. Pat dry. Apply oil free moisturizer.

Result: Lemon helps to fade away acne scars because of its acidic in nature whereas raw milk is rich in healthy saturated fats and omega-3 fats helps in skin hydration. Considerable use of this will give you glowing skin in long run.

2. Gram flour (besan) + Raw milk + Lemon

I swear by this face pack. 1 tbsp of gram flour + few drops fresh lemon juice + 1-2 tsp raw milk. Mix well and apply for 10-15 mins till it dry. Wash off with lukewarm water. Pat dry. Apply oil free moisturizer.
Extract the juices.

There was remarkable difference in my skin tone after one month. I use this pack thrice a week. If you want to add a little honey for extra skin hydration, you can. After effect was so enticing. Dull skin ladies should give this a try, it has totally helped me in controlling my acne.

3. Lemon juice + Cucumber juice

2 tbsp of  cucumber juice
1 tbsp of lemon juice
1 tbsp of distilled water

Mix this mixture and freeze it in an ice tray. Rub it onto your skin before hitting the bed.

Result: Fade away acne scars, closes enlarged pores to reduce multi-fold blackheads and whiteheads.
Add glow also.

These were my quick home remedies using lemon for oily/acne prone skin.

Hope you found this article useful!

If you try out any of these do share with me in comments below!

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